How to create own blog in blogger in 10 min

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create own blog in blogger

How to create own blog in blogger (free)

Many people having problem for successful create own blog in blogger. Now Blogging type tutorial and problem fixing available in Tutorial Point. We are Create own blog in blogger step by step with image tutorial. More advantage of blogging. You will create your personal image in internet word.Also you will make money with blog. We create some different idea and make money and create our image in world. Blogger is one parts of Google. Blogger have own server and provide good services for new beginner and old blogger. That’s have many template and editing text, template, font, image, custom Domain and many more.Now Let’s go for Our Tutorial about free create own blog in blogger and you can create also wordpress blog

How to create a blog on blogger.

Follow this step and create own blog in blogger.

  1. How to start your your blog?
  2. Now open and create a new user Id with gmail account. this is best way to blogging.
  3. After sign up blogger and follow me. I am showing in image for what to do.
  4. create own blog in blogger
  5. now you can see the New blog button in blogger left hand side.
  6. Click on NEW BLOG button and open new dialog box. Like below.
  7. create a own blog in blogger
  8. Now you can see in image. In this image show 1- Title, 2- Address, 3-Template, 4- Create blog. Fill in this blanks. You want to any Create a title and address But address is Then select template and go to create button click. This step guide with test blog image is following.
  9. create a own blog in blogger.
  10. After click on create blog and Create successful blog in blogger. Now create a post in blogger. Follow me.
  11. create a own blog in blogger
  12. Now you see post button and click them. Now open list of your post.But, you have new in blogger and not create any post so there no any post list. So like this image.
  13. create a own blog in blogger
  14. Now click on Create a new post.Then open post editing page. now starting write a blog.
  15. create a own blog in blogger
  16. This page id post editing mode and you want see HTML, COMPOSE, VIEW BLOG, PUBLISH, SAVE, PREVIEW, CLOSE and many more function.
  17. If you have not knowledge about HTML so don’t worry here available COMPOSE mode. So You can write any thing with out HTML coding.
  18. After write blog Save and Publish.Then view your blog by click view blog button. If you watch your blog before publish and click on Preview button.
  19. Now complete your editing then close this post. So that simple way to create own blog in blogger.
  20. More learning about blogging click here.



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