How to get google Adsense account approval fast

google adsense account approval


How to get google adsense account approval fast

How to get adsense account approval fast.Don’t worry,Here available adsense Tutorial you about google adsense account approval. I will guide step by step and easy.In 2016 get approval is not easy because some people use adsense and violet google adsense account policy.So now google not provide easy google adsense account. Now you can follow me and get approval.Before get easy adsense account and make money with adsense. Now not easy because google consider following points and after get approval and you verify ads in your website or blogger blog then provide google adsense account fast. Currently Google adsense get approval is very hard for the new user. But you can follow simple step and do not violate adsense polices. You can get help for other topic  and give comment for help i will help you.

google adsense account approval

Prevent and do this following steps for google adsense account approval easily.

  1. Site sufficient content
  2. Do Not copy content.
  3. Site ranking.
  4. Domain name.
  5. Traffic source?
  6. Site Niche.
  7. Simple blog or website.
  8. No Adult content.
  9. You are sure 18+ years.
  10. No other ads in website or blog?
  11. You are active in website or blog.

1) Site sufficient content for google adsense account approval for my blog.

You are create a website or blog and focus in content strength. Blog and website in have more and more keywords.If you are good write in blog or website but, not sufficient keywords. Then google not approve your blog or website.You can write more post in your blog or website then keywords content automatic rise.Find good and more search in long tail keywords and post in your website or blog.You can find keywords by using keyword planner. Login google adwords and go to tool > keyword planner.After you can search you most write blog or website on keyword.You are post content strength minimum 1000 words. You can use unique words in your website or blog are very grateful for use google adsense account approval for my blog and seo.So you can searches on top rank and increase traffic in website or blog. More use in keyword rank software.

 2) Do Not copy content for google adsense account approval.

Do not copy any keywords from other website or blog.Because google know every site content for adsense full approve blog. You can try to copy and paste on your website or blog after google find when apply for approval. Then block your website and blog also.So do not copy content. You can make unique blog or website without copy paste content.

3) Site ranking.

If website or blog in traffic is very high then watch on google ranking.If you are using any software for traffic then google not approve google adsense account. Many time not consider but after google watch on fake traffic on your site than result is google adsense account is banned.So you do not use traffic software and create unique and good content blog or website.

4) Domain name for google adsense account approval trick 2016.

You can get a top level domain name.After create website or blog (redirected) then easy to get google adsense account approval. Most useful in google top ranking and create good traffic on blog or website. You can get domain and use free hosting.

5) Traffic source?

Good traffic in your blog or website then google find traffic source. Most traffic come from google,facebook,Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and more. You can not generate real traffic then stop create dummy traffic,because this is effect on google adsense account approval. So You follow all steps and not create any dummy traffic. Why people visit your blog? ans:- people was finding something in your blog.Because you can provide most useful keyword like some thing and people like that. After and after you are provide unique and traffic will come. So do not use any traffic software.

6) Site niche.

You are listen this niche word. Site niche is like one chapter of all science book. Niche is focus on subject in specify topic. You are write about google adsense and focus in google adsense approval topic. This is unique and nice niche of website or blog. Google only see the niche is very nice and give google adsense account approval.

7) Simple blog or website for google adsense account approval.

When you are create a website or blog in select simple template and themes.Because very bad impression on visitor when visit your website or blog with google ads. One more effect on site loading.then simple and site speed is increase. Site speed is very important because google consider site speed in google ranking. So,your site speed is fast. Automatically site speed is increase then google ranking in increase so traffic drive on your blog or website.

 8) No Adult content .

No any adult content in your website or blog,because google not get approve for adult,don’t use any adult content,image and video while getting google adsense account approval.

9) You are sure 18+ years.

Google strictly not give approval any under 18 years user.So your at list 18+ years.

10) No other ads in your website or blog.

Are sure about your blog or website in no any other ads show.Some time people says i was look other website in many ads must consider amazon, yahoo ads, you have any look like this publisher don’t remove.Other publisher ads script google not consider and waiting for google adsense account approval.So keep this type ads in your blog or website while Application for Google adsense account approval.

11) You are active in blog or website.

Active in your blog or website because google adsense show ads in google customer.You are not active then bad impression in your blog or website visitor.This bad impression in google customer so google prevent this thing.You can active for your website or blog,your Activity good for blog or website.Because visitor are stay in blog or website.Then increase your site niche and content strength with you are solve problem of your visitor.

After you are follow this simple step and get google adsense account approval within 2 or 3 days. After google adsense account approval create ad unit and copy paste adsense ad code in your blog or website. when ads are showing in your blog or website google send fully approval. But you can not create more than three ad unit in google adsense account.Don’t violate adsense policy.

If you get know about adsense go this link Google adsense guide.

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know about keyword for google adsense account approval.

How to create a free website for google adsense?

If have no any website,you can make your free website for google adsense.First you have one domain name! For free domain name search in google freenom and enter in freenom official website. Then you want to any domain name search in search box. Get 12 month free domain register.Wow now you have free .tk, .ga, etc domain.Next step of free website hosting. Now you have one problem hosting! and how to create a free website for google adsense.Don’t worry we will open and create a account for free web hosting.Then you will enter your domain for hosting website and create database for wordpress and ftp file manager.Now you can make website with wordpress for google adsense.

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