Top 10 tips to prevent Adsense account get banned

prevent adsense account get banned


 Prevent adsense account get banned

Hello, I know you have one problem of Adsense account get banned. Do not worry about Google adsense banned. You are following Top 10 tip to prevent adsense account get banned. Here i will clear and cut say about google adsense Not like your some activity. I will give knowledge about prevention of account try my best. Some people says my account disable, But hi is try to click exchange tricks for more revenue. There is problem his trying to violet google adsense policy. So google today not banned but they will banned 100%, Because google adsense watch all account of publisher. First you know full Adsense policy.

Work with google is not easy, because google have have lots of customer as a publisher and one of the most pay for ads publishing in compere other publisher. So many people and publisher attract to Google adsense. Then google have a most strictly policy prevent to cheating. Don’t you will follow this Top 10 tips to prevent adsense account get banned.

Follow this Top 10 tips for keep your prevent adsense account get banned.

1 ) Follow Google AdSense Rules.

    • Do not say your friends for click on ads.
    • Keep self click on own ads.
    • Do’t use more then 3 ads on page.
    • Never use pornography content in your website.
    • Other content do not copy on your pages.
    • Some other people Copy right picture not set in website. Use only self made picture.
    • Use 100% real content on website.
    • Google adsense policy video official bellow.
    • follow this tips and prevent adsense account get banned.

2 ) Do not try to cheap adsense money making software or tricks.

Some people use traffic generator software for traffic but they don’t his/her website track by google check out by Matt cutts. (Head of Google Webspam team). So google know your website page rank and whats method use for publicity. You do not publish any where your website and your website page not show in top page in google or other search. Now you also about why not use traffic software.

  • Never use money making shortcut tips. Because always caught by google.
  • Does not use any traffic generated software or script.
  • Not any abnormal script on website.

3 ) Using Supported Language Blog for adsense.

Many time you are writing many more but you don’t know google first watch language. Blog Content are like mixed Language google don’t understand and do not track so google banns. In this tips you are write clear and cuts in one language, Then send for approval and keep content after approval. This Supported language list in google adsense policy in mention that.

4 ) Do not Edit and send Ads codes via email and more.

Really note down this point for above Discussion. Very important you are not edit any google ads code for any tricks and paste any where, Or do not send any friend and other code via email or using social media. Because Google always tracks this codes on WWW. Keep this activity.

5 ) Google adsense Ads code do not paste any other Website.

Keep sure about Adsense code not copy paste in other your website. Because google understand you are violate codes. NOTE:- If you want use this account in other only for your website, so your other website verify in adsense account. Then use code in your verified website.

So do not code use in without verified your other website.

6 ) Do not redirect traffic in ad clicking.

Please sure about this topic because some people write content ” click here” , “Click and get money” etc… So please don’t do this. This text also impact on your traffic people. Bad impression on public.

7 ) Competitive Ad networks not Google allowed.

In your website Do not copy other ad network code. Google not allowed  other ads in your website so please sure about this topic. Google some ads network allowed like Infolink, Mediatek. 

8 ) Most important:- Don’t do ad Exchange tricks.

Many ads exchange tricks available in market so please keep this cheap tricks. Google always watch your website and tracking your website activity. Not say and paste your website link in this cheap tricks. This impact direct advertiser. Then advertiser complain about your activity to google. Google not spoil his image against  advertisers. Follow this tips and keep your google adsense account.

9 ) Make ads color same to same your page color.

When you are create ad unit in adsense account while set the page color in ads color.

10 ) Not use banned account email address and name.

Sure about this topic you was banned in past and now you are applying for approval. Do not use same name and email address for new approval because your image spoil against google. Apply with new name and email. Ex:- In past use Rohan Patel, Now Use Rohan G. patel other wise your sister or brother name. Your home address are sure change means some different then first and Email also. (This name is example Do not use this name.) Then prevent adsense account get banned.

Now if have other problem about you can post here and i will try my best for solve your problem. You are follow this Top 10 tips to prevent adsense account get banned. Google adsense is really very for publisher, Use properly and make money more and more. If have any problem in google adsense account approval fast in 2016 for MORE LEARN HERE.  Also tips for new blogger in Tips for Create blog in blogger.


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